The conscious division of the exercise into 3 parts

The ideal of a dynamic yoga pose is achieved by the correct dynamism ratios. A basic form for this is the threefold structure, which Heinz Grill has worked out and assigns to the 3rd energy chakra.

The thoracic spine as the active center

By consciously structuring the body, it is possible to build up a great degree of dynamism.The exercise is given an active center of dynamics. This center is located in the middle of the spine, at the lower end of the rib cage. Dynamism radiates from there and at the same time this place gives the whole body support and stability. By slightly lifting the ribcage, this area of the thoracic spine can be experienced and accessed.

Shoulder/neck spine as a relaxed area

By using the middle of the spine as the center of the movement, a lighter relaxation is simultaneously created in the entire upper area of the shoulders, neck, head and arms. This area is very often tense. However, by giving the body an active center in the chest, the upper area can relax and release much more easily. It is also possible to consciously relax and let go of this area during yoga exercises.

The hips/lumbar spine as a stable, calm area

The third area refers to the pelvic region. This is usually not tense, but tends to be unstable. In the ideal of the threefold structure, this area should be centered, stable and calm. It is connected to the lower base of the spine, the lumbar spine. The dynamics of the middle spine now also lead to easier resting and greater stability in the lumbar spine. One-sided downward pressure on the lumbar spine is reduced by actively and strongly engaging the center.

The experience of dynamics

The key to the three-body alignment lies in centering in the middle of the upper body. This centering makes you increasingly aware of the entire spine. You experience it as an inner, centering axis. At the same time, you experience how you can actively direct your movements into space through this center. The centripetal support in the middle of the spine leads to the ability to extend the yoga exercises centrifugally into space.
You can shape the exercise with dynamism.

The sun prayer – surya namaskar – a yoga exercise for developing the active center of the spine – demonstrated by Heinz Grill

The sun prayer, or the sun salutations surya namaskar, is a classical cycle of physical yoga exercises. It consists of 12 component movements. A feature of this cycle is the alternating stretching of the spine, bending predominantly forwards as well as backwards.

This portrayal is intended to show how the movement starts from a centring in the middle of the spine and then streams centrifugally outwards into the limbs. The lifting out of the middle of the spine is given particular emphasis.

Regenerating ether forces develop to a particular extent when this centre in the spine, which is located at around the level of the 10th thoracic vertebra, is raised right from the outset. A sense of lengthening is expressed in the movement.

The sun prayer, surya namaskara, Heinz Grill

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