How can you structure yoga poses?

ideas of Heinz Grill

The threefold structure in 5 yoga exercises

In the threefold structure, care is taken to consciously divide the body into the three zones: dynamics, lightness and calmness. (read more)

The flowing dynamism of the legs in the wide stretch

The legs are pulled towards the lumbar spine in the correct direction and then slide out again. This leads to a sensory centering in the sacrum. (read more)

Lightness through centering in the shoulder stand posture

A differentiated and structured awareness

(read more)

Consious centering, contracting, releasing and dynamising

From an idea, from a conscious imagination, the body can be specifically centered and relaxed in certain zones and finally shaped freely. The yoga exercises are then not so much based on muscular strength, but on feeling and imagination.

Through this method of practice created by Heinz Grill, you develop a sense for the forms of movement and combine thinking, feeling and action in a harmonious way in yoga.

“The awareness of creating feels more like an artistic activity that calls more on the strengths of fantasy, imagination, observation and creative intuition and ultimately generates beauty as a result”.

(from:The sun salutation, Heinz Grill )